Steve Richfield

Central Metabolic Control System Therapist


I help people fix all sorts of seemingly impossible problems, ranging from malfunctioning electronics to supposedly "incurable" chronic illnesses. I have written a book entitled Advanced Logical Methods about my methods, and have placed it in this site's library at There is a stripped-down free version there that has everything you will probably need to fix your metabolic problems, and has the table of contents for the full version. There is also a considerably larger encrypted full version that covers MUCH more, but for which I want a small donation (via the button at the end of this web page) in return for the encryption key, because most readers of the full version have lots of follow-on questions, and I need SOMETHING for my time to answer them.

The primary purpose of this site is to help people correct their low daytime body temperatures, so that they come up to 98.6F=37C during the day. Daytime body temperature has been made important by mainstream medicine having ignoring it. Different people have differing problems underlying this condition, so this necessarily requires lots of interaction to be successful. You must fix your own problems. All I can do is help guide you.

Your central metabolic control system (CMCS), located primarily in your hypothalamus, controls every process in your body. Your CMCS works according to Adaptive Control Systems Theory principles, only is more capable than modern science and engineering now knows how duplicate. The only way we can now simulate such biological systems is by incorporating talented control systems engineers.

CMCS problems are computational and not chemical in nature, so their correction necessarily requires reprogramming rather than chemicals to correct. Since we have no direct access to the program, we must exert external influences to cause the internal reprogramming mechanism to do its job.

As of this writing, I am apparently the only CMCS therapist in the world. I have managed to diagnose, understand, and engineer corrections to some common conditions of the CMCS, like low daytime body temperature, and I now understand how to engineer corrections to reprogram other conditions.

CMCS malfunctions

Our CMCS sometimes malfunctions, but not because of any errors in its design or operation. Instead, there is a theoretically insolvable problem known as "superstitious learning", where coincidental but unrelated events unavoidably result in reasonable but wrong conclusions. Even the smartest human control systems engineers make these same errors.

Nearly everyone's CMCS malfunctions at some time in their life, and it rarely ever recovers on its own. There are no known drugs to correct CMCS malfunctions, though there are some that in conjunction with other methods help to make corrections.

Physical malfunctions like tumors in the CMCS are almost always immediately fatal, so physical CMCS malfunctions aren't your problem, as you are still alive. Doctors have long believed that CMCS malfunctions are fundamentally irreparable, as a correction would seem to require detailed rewiring of the CMCS that goes beyond even science fiction. Most prescription drugs act by temporarily overpowering or tricking the CMCS, but only correcting CMCS malfunctions promises true cures to most chronic and “age related” illnesses.

Where CMCS malfunctions originate

Here are some common ways that your CMCS can malfunction:
1.    Superstitious learning, where something like general anesthesia tricks your CMCS into “thinking” that it almost killed you, so it will never ever do THAT (living a normal healthy life) again.

2.    Living a very sedate, stable, and comfortable life, so that years go by without you ever having to really exert yourself, get really cold, get really hot, get really sick, etc. Eventually your CMCS avoids doing things that it hasn't done for years, because it might be dangerous, and old habits become new disabilities.

3.    Illnesses that introduce temporary organ malfunctions, like hypothyroidism. The organs recover or their function is artificially supplemented, but the CMCS continues to work around the malfunction that is no longer there.

4.    Surviving a severe famine, so your CMCS learns to survive with less, rather than living better with more.

5.    Your CMCS can “learn” a malfunction when in the womb of a malfunctioning mother. Hence, any of the above malfunctions can sometimes result in a maternal family line of many generations of people with the same problem, yet with no genetic basis for the problem.

Correcting CMCS malfunctions

My career has been as a high tech consultant. One of my projects was for an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) controller manufacturer. It was my realization that our CMCS is an adaptive control system that programs itself very much like some automated HVAC controllers used in large office buildings, and our CMCS even has some of the same unavoidable “bugs”. This understanding led me directly to methods of correcting CMCS bugs using the same self-programming mechanism that causes the bugs.

Correction usually involves guiding people to subject themselves to carefully calculated physiological stresses that will predictably precipitate the needed permanent changes. Depending on your condition, this is usually unpleasant but not painful. Hence, this requires lots of motivation, as failure is not an option unless you are OK with being sick for the rest of your shortened life. People are often not sick enough to be motivated enough to succeed, until one day their CMCS malfunction kills them.

Conditions corrected

The conditions that I have corrected include
1.    Body temperature unable to reach 98.6F=37C, sometimes misdiagnosed as hypothyroidism or Wilson's Syndrome, typically resulting in a variety of “hypothyroid symptoms”, clogged arteries, immune disorders like cancer, and autoimmune disorders like COPD.

2.    Body temperature stuck at 98.6F=37C, typically resulting in severe insomnia.

3.    Inability to go into ketosis to metabolize fat, typically resulting in morbid obesity
With so many things to potentially go wrong, why is body temperature so frequently affected? At 97.4F=36.3C sleeping temperature, our temperature is ad hoc controlled, where systems are abruptly turned on and off to regulate temperature. For example, people whose temperature is stuck low usually have hot or cold hands, but rarely are their hands at a temperature in between extremes. However, at 98.6F=37C waking temperature, our temperature is controlled via closed-loop PID control, where everything is proportionally controlled. However, if anything affecting temperature control isn't working right and reaches an operational limit, the entire process becomes unstable, whereupon our CMCS makes the decision to drop to lower temperatures where closed-loop operation isn't attempted, so instability can't occur. There are many systems whose operation affects temperature, so people often cease to properly cycle their temperature. There are many possible culprits but a short list of usual culprits that underlie low daytime body temperature, so some diagnostic work is needed to understand each person's problems.


The legalities of my unusual non-medical service vary around the world, so working over the Internet requires me to work in a way that is legal nearly everywhere. Hence, I must work according to some specific rules:
1.    I do not claim to correct any medical conditions. I only correct the CMCS malfunctions that so often underlie medical conditions. If it isn't obvious to you that you would be a lot better off without your CMCS malfunction, then you probably lack sufficient motivation to succeed, and hence I wont be able to help you.

2.    I claim no applicable medical credentials at all. They can never take my medical license away, because I have none. My background is in computers and electronics, and it is my skills in artificial neural networks and adaptive control system theory that I utilize to correct CMCS malfunctions, and not anything that is taught in any medical school.

3.    I am an educator. I will never recommend that you do anything beyond taking safety precautions. Most especially I will never recommend that you take or stop taking any sort of controlled substance. I may tell you the good and bad effects of various drugs, predict success or failure from certain actions, caution you as to the hazards of potential actions, etc., and leave it to you to plan your own success path. Of course you can always ask if I see any problems with your doing something that sounds reasonable to you.

4.    Some conditions can be best addressed with controlled substances. In these situations I will gladly explain the options and suggest that you secure appropriate drugs with a prescription from your regular doctor. Sure, some people then simply order them over the Internet rather than going to their doctor. Please keep any such illegal transactions to yourself.

5.    I accept donations, but I do not charge for my services. Of course, those who donate get a higher priority for my limited time. Hence, no collection agency will ever contact you in connection with my services.

What to expect

Correcting CMCS malfunctions typically proceeds in the following phases
1.    Diagnosis, where various stresses are applied while your reaction is observed, to characterize the CMCS malfunction. Depending on your problem, this may be as simple as taking your temperature while you are taking a hot shower, or as complicated as having blood tests done, testing your own urine with test strips while varying your diet, etc. Start by answering the questions on Questionnaire Note that while there are only a few types of common CMCS malfunctions, that the details are unique to each person. Further, some people also have organic malfunctions that greatly complicate things. Hence there is no standard “one size fits all” treatment.

2.    Preparation, where you learn new skills that will be needed during and after your correction. A commonly needed skill is the ability to accurately guesstimate your body temperature without using a thermometer. Note that ~10% of people are unable to learn the requisite skills, and past attempts to correct these people have failed. Hence, I no longer even attempt to correct people who have been unable to learn these skills.

3.    Initial Reset, where your CMCS is briefly forced to operate correctly according to a schedule. For many people, this can be accomplished in just one day.

4.    Stabilization, where your reset schedule is gradually increased to be correct all day long.

5.    Recovery, where any malfunctions that were present during your teenage years blocked normal CMCS maturation. Your CMCS can recover from this, but this process typically takes about one year, during which time some adjustment in lifestyle may be needed, e.g. wearing warm coats at all times.

Doing it yourself

This is a sort of do-it-yourself-with-help project. This stuff is way too complicated to explain in a cookbook format, because there are so many possibilities, and because action is often needed more quickly than you could ever figure it out from a book. This is more like solving puzzles than reciting standard procedures.

Since correction involves stressing your body, these procedures are not completely without some risk. Hence, you shouldn't do this alone, and you should attend to all safety precautions. Where you are pharmacologically stressing, you should always have the antidote in hand.

The way that seems to work best is for me is to provide some instruction, you provide feedback as you follow the instruction, I provide more instruction, and we work through this in small increments. Sometimes there is a critical day that requires interaction every hour or so. This way, I don't need to explain and you don't need to understand the ~99% that  doesn'tapply to your particular situation.


I certainly don't have all of the answers. In the hopes of bringing everyone who is going through this together to discuss their issues and help each other over the rough spots, there is now a forum at where you can discuss your problems, and maybe share what you know to help others with their problems. Note that this server is in Poland, so you needn't be concerned whether your postings fully conform to the highly restrictive laws of some other countries, or the cumbersome rules of large ISPs like Yahoo or Google.


I keep a library of papers on that I often refer people to as appropriate. Including this link also directs search engines to include those papers.


Payment is optional. I suggest donating ~US$50 for each of the phases as outlined above. For real-time support (phone, Skype, or in person), I suggest donating ~US$100 for each phase that real-time support is sought, which is especially useful for the initial reset phase. You can donate as you go, or go ahead and donate for all phases, and I will gladly refund any donations for phases that you elect not to do. People's individual needs vary widely, so I simply rely on “the law of large numbers” to average things out. Hence, please don't feel badly if you use a lot of my time for a difficult phase. Everyone who donates also receives the encryption key to the full version of Advanced Logical Methods in the library at Just click on the (Donate) button below.